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Track every Verilog simulation and
avoid bug escapes in silicon

Simscope helps your verification team resolve more errors in less time.
How it works

Mission Control for Silicon Quality

Simscope is a simulation monitoring, triage, and search engine, designed to improve verification productivity and prevent bug escapes into silicon.

Intelligent Error Bucketing

Simscope automatically combines similar errors into Signature buckets, enabling users to debug more efficiently at a higher level.

Use automation to stay on top of verification.

More productive, by design

Simscope is designed to make your verification more productive. Here's how it improves your current flow:

Check Signatures Work at a higher level.
Check Search Engine Everything is searchable.
Check Triage workflow Debug, assign to users, and link bugs.
Check Rules Automated assignment and bug linking.
Check Trends and reporting See when bugs occur and re-occur.
Audit before tapeout.
Check High performance Optimized architecture handles millions of simulations per day.
Check Open API Customize and enhance for your specific flow.

Languages & Integrations

Simscope integrates into your existing verification workflow.

Source Control
  • Git
  • Subversion
  • Perforce
  • Mercurial
Issue Tracking
Continuous Integration


Industry leading performance

Using an architecture designed from the ground up for performance, users get more done in less time. Simscope scales to handle hundreds of millions of simulations.

Simscope is trusted by Tier 1 semiconductor companies, successfully triaging their most complex designs.

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How Simscope Works